Post-Commissioning LADF

For the purpose of providing long term sustained streams for revenue generation towards upliftment of the local residents under Project Allotted Areas, the Government of Himachal Pradesh in line with the National Hydro Power Policy 2008, incorporated provision for providing 1% Additional Free Power on account of LADF vide notification issued on 30.11.2009  & 15.3.2010  LADF Policy. The revenue to be generated out the sale of this 1% AFP, is to be distributed among all local residents falling under PAA, in shape of cash incentives for the entire life span of the project.
The Government vide notification dated 5.10.2011  has issued a comprehensive Policy Guidelines for the Management of LADF to be received out of sale of 1% AFP provided by the Project Developer towards LADF. The disbursement of the revenue to be received on account of sale of 1% LADF shall be disbursed amongst all eligible families of Gram Panchayats declared under PAA by the concerned Deputy Commissioners. The annual receipt of revenue on this account is to be distributed on the basis of following two criteria as notified vide State Govt. notification dated 11.07.2013  and the mechanism for redressal committee for LADF as notified vide Govt. notification dated 11.02.2013
(i)    50% of the total revenue shall be disbursed equally among all families residing in the Project Allotted Areas, giving 15% benefit to the BPL families of PAA
(ii)   Balance 50% of the total revenue realized, is to be disbursed in proportion to the Panchayat wise percentage of land utilized/acquired for the project
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